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Foundation Repair

Foundation of a house is its primary base on which the toughness and durability of the house depend. If the foundation is getting older or is not strong enough, the house is not going to last longer. So, it plays a vital role in the construction of a house.

No matter how strong the foundation was initially built, over the years, it may get damaged in some way or the other. The reasons behind it could be either moisture in the soil or any other concrete issues. If you think that the foundation of your house has started to ruin, we are here to repair it totally for you. 

Our company uses well tested and verified products which will prove beneficial for your house and will eventually give better results. The different issues which occur with the foundation are:

Bowing Foundation Walls

It happens when the foundation is curved inward, forming a bow. Its causes can be the situations where there is excessive lateral pressure on the exterior side of the wall. It becomes a little challenging to handle such pressure and results in the bowing foundation wall.

Settlement and Cracks

Settlement happens when the house sinks or drops down below the elevation where it was placed. One of the main reasons behind it could be the filled up soil was not properly compacted while building the house, which has now caused the settlement.

Repairing the foundation might cost you between $4000 and $10,000, on an average. HS Basement Waterproofing takes care of the issues like this and helps fix them for you.

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