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Crawl Space Repair

Do you use the crawl spaces in your houses for storing all the extra material? Still, this is that portion of your goes which mostly goes unnoticed. Most of the crawl spaces are not installed properly, which makes them defenseless against the natural elements. The factors that affect them are many such as the moisture content in the soil, the climate at your location. 

The moist environment makes the mold grow at the crawl spaces, which tend to destroy it along with the stuff that you have stored inside.

No matter what problem does your crawl space has, our contractors at HS Basement Waterproofing will fight them and let you have an improved house than before. With such a skilled and trained team, we can proudly say that we can help you get rid of the problem that has occurred in your crawl spaces.

Since the crawl spaces are generally cold, its draft could make the first level of your house cold too. Installing Silverglo and other insulations to the floor and the walls allow the warm air to stay inside and seal off the cold draft from entering. It is one of the ways we can remove the coldness from the crawl spaces and prevent it from getting destroyed.

If you have such crawl spaces in your house which you think might get damaged, do not hesitate to give us a call on our number and we will visit your place to inspect the situation and our team will work accordingly to help you get rid of it.

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