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Residential Concrete Lifting

Has the concrete of your house been sinking since a while? This problem of the concrete settling down shows up gradually, which makes it a bit perplexing to notice it. Since you have noticed it sooner or later, it is the right time that you get in touch with a general contractor, who is going to look into the matter for you.

Who else do you need when you already have HS Basement Waterproofing in your locality, Long Island. Having a renowned name in the whole of New York City, we are available to offer our services to you people on all seven days of the week from 7:30 in the morning till 9 p.m.

You can call us anytime between these hours or visit our website, and inform us of the trouble that you have been facing. We promise to be at your doorstep within the next working day. In case of an emergency, we will make ourselves available as soon as we can to help you solve the problem.

We use a variety of methods to tackle various problems. If you have sinking slabs, all we will do is use a foam, called PolyLevel foam to stabilize the slab and give an uplift to its level. We will then seal the cracks of the slab, and it will be back to its original level.

Steel piers are used for lifting the sinking concrete as well.  Our professionals offer multiple solutions to the concerns like sinking concrete, bowing basement walls, and any other such problem.

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