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About Us

Basements in your buildings can be as valuable as your houses are. Since it helps you store a lot of items, plus, you can use it for multi-purposes, which make it a significant part of every house. People in New York City have been very fond of their basements as it serves as space where you can fulfill all your wishes, without anyone being bothered.

What if this lovely space of yours starts to bother you, instead? Would you still be able to spend your quality time in the space underneath? You wouldn’t, right!

Dedicated Crew

It is for you that we at HS Basement Waterproof Company are working in Long Island to help you resolve whatever issues you have had with the basement. Whether it is water leakage or sinking of the concrete, we are here to deal with it with our skilled and experienced team of professional workers who are passionate about their work and pleasing their clients.

From lifting the concrete that has settled at the foundation to applying Silverglo to make the upper floor of your crawl spaces warm, we accept all projects. Apart from this, our team works with dedication so that when we have left you satisfied, you can recommend us to your dear ones as well. We would want to help more and more people get rid of this very common problem of water leakage in their basements.

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To reach us, either call us on our phone number provided, or you may even visit the website of our company, HS Basement Waterproofing on any day from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

7517 Comstock Ln, Darien, IL, 60561

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